Walmart Online Grocery Ordering Review

Hey guys!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

To all those mamas out there–those in heaven, those with fur babies, those with healthy kiddos and those who had to say goodbye too soon–YOU are amazing! Being a mother is tough, but somehow we have the strength to do it. Props to us!

Just my luck, I am sick on Mother’s Day. We were able to go see my parents for a bit  this weekend in between working out our house, prepping it to go on the market. But while there, I started feeling pretty lousy, and it has yet to go away ):

So my husband took the kids to go have a little cookout at his mom’s, while I stayed home to get some rest.

They would be gone til later in the evening, and Sunday is usually our grocery restock day, so I was a little concerned what we’d do about shopping. I did NOT have the energy to walk around for 30-40 minutes.

So I decided to give something new a try.

Before we moved to the city, I had seen ads for online grocery ordering with pickup or delivery, but it wasn’t in my area. Now that we’re in Carmel, there’s multiple stores that offer this service nearby! I decided to go with Wal-Mart, due to the awesome prices.

Can I just say, OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

When we’d go to Meijer, the weekly cost of groceries would be approximately $85-110, depending on what we needed that week. Now compared to other folks, I know that’s already fairly low, but I’m a cheepskate, that’s too much for me!

This is my haul from Wal-Mart’s online ordering system:

This is about the same thing I get every week–give or take a few things. Guess how much I paid for it all.


I did use a coupon code (WOWFRESH) for $10 off, but that’s still an amazing price! I feel like they were very generous with their choosings too. I was a little wary about their juice of veggies/produce/etc. but everything was great.

For example, when ordering, it gives you a certain price for bananas, in increments of two bananas. I chose six total, but they had given me eight. Score!

The prices in general are just insane. In a good way!

A gallon of milk was 90 cents. YES, 90 CENTS! I’m not even sure Aldi’s milk is cheaper than that.

The process of ordering is super easy. I had a list ready that I had made earlier in the week, and simply typed everything I needed in the search bar one at a time. I made sure to “heart” each item to save it, so it’s easier to find next time.

Add the items to your cart, and when you go to checkout, it’ll ask you to choose a pick-up time, as well as prepay for your order. If for some reason an item went out of stock between your order time and pickup time, they will let you know and you can choose to go with a replacement item, or be refunded for that item.

My original pick-up time was scheduled for 7pm-8pm, so that my husband could pick it up once he’s back from the cookout. But I got a call around 3pm, saying that the order was ready and I was free to pick it up whenever I’d like.

I didn’t really feel like driving, but I’d rather there be food in the house before everyone else, so I went to get it. Once you pull into the parking there, you’ll see designated parking spots for pick-up orders, each spot labeled with a number, one through ten. There is a number to call on the numbered sign to let them know you are there and they will bring out your order.

After calling, I only waited maybe two minutes max for my order to be at my car. The Wal-Mart worker was super friendly, and she asked me if I was a mother.

I told her yes, and she wished me a happy Mother’s Day, and handed me a gift.

It came with a rose, as well, but I must have left that in the car 😛

How sweet!

This is the Wal-Mart beauty box, a little sample box that comes out every quarter year. The box is normally $5.00, which is technically just the shipping price. Not a bad value, as the contents are worth a bit more than that, as you can see below.

On top of that, I received a gift for it being my first time to order groceries online!

Man, what a perfect day to order!

Just a few little snacks and extras, plus a nifty little cookbook.

I have to tell you, I was a little nervous about ordering online–would everything be melted or thawed before I even got it? Would they pick crappy bananas and peppers, or would I get my money’s worth? I have absolutely NO complains with the Wal-Mart online grocery ordering system!

If you use my link, you get $10 off, and I get $10 off too, so we both win (:

If you guys give it a try, let me know what you think, and how much you save!

Growing Pains: My Rant For The Day

Dear Lord, I’m tired.

Like, can’t-function-properly-tired.

I went to make toast for myself this morning, after I had fed the kids, and I got out the blender instead of the toaster.

I put the cereal box in the fridge.

Apparently, you need sleep to function properly. WHO KNEW?!

Nights have been rough here lately. My husband travels for work occasionally, and this last trip has lasted a week and a half—usually it’s a day trip, or two days max.

So that means I deal with bedtime tantrums (which are a common occurrence in my household) on my own.

The thing with my kids is that they don’t sleep. Well, Mikinley does, but I swear to gosh it took her four years to sleep through the night.

Brenna wakes up at least twice every night.

She’ll wake up with any sort of excuse—she’s hungry, her belly hurts, she wants her sippy cup, she wants to lay with us. Usually quick fixes.

But the last two nights have been so miserable. With Derrick gone, I just let her lay with me to save myself a wake-up during the night. However, she has been a completely different kid and I’m going insane.

She will lay in bed, stretch and kick her legs and toss and turn nonstop. I could tell something wasn’t right. She’s not just being whiney or fidgety.

I remember this happening with Mikinley as well.

I knew it was the dreaded growing pains.

I had given Brenna some Tyenol to help with the pain, but I think what she really wanted was a shot a whiskey cause the medicine didn’t help a bit.

So I laid awake for hours while she tried to sleep. I rubbed her poor little legs so she could relax and get some relief.

That alarm in morning came WAY too fast.

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I feel so bad that she’s going through this uncomfortable-ness, (is that a word?), even though we all suffered the pain of our stumps growing.

But at the same time, I need sleep, dag nabbit!

By the end of the day, I’m pooped, exhausted, cranky, don’t feel like doing anything. Part of me just wants to fast forward to when my kid freakin sleeps like a normal human being, but the other part of me wants to cherish every moment.

Every happy moment, every miserable moment, every moment my children are screaming bloody murder at me.

Wish me luck peeps, and if you have any advice for growing pains in toddlers, let me know. Nothing ever helped with Mikinley, so I’m hoping I (and Brenna) can find some relief.