Egg Coloring Fun

We did something fun last night!

Coloring eggs is a tradition we’ve always done, as most other families do at Easter.

However, my kids HATE being messy, so it’s not always pleasant.

This includes playing in the dirt, mud, messy food, you name it.

The second they get dirty, they’re both whining to be cleaned up. How boring! 😝 Though honestly, I don’t mind, it keeps things a little cleaner around the house.

Anyway, coloring eggs is often a messy process, so the past few years have been all about trial and error while I try to make it less messy + more fun.

The first year we did Kool-aid and water. Water spilt, it stained our hands, it wasn’t fun.



Then we tried shaving cream and food coloring. This was a cool idea, but again, my girls didn’t like getting their hands all messy and then I had to worry about Brenna trying to eat the shaving cream.

It wasn’t a good time.

I was at the store looking for egg-dyeing kits, hoping to find a cool idea, but didn’t see anything right away. So I thought we could try shaving cream again—but then after grabbing eggs, I passed the whipped cream.

Whipped cream is just like shaving cream, but so much tastier. Maybe I could give that a try!

Maybe the girls wouldn’t mind being messy if they got to eat the messiness off their hands.

So I took a risk and gave it a shot.

This is all you need, plus bowls and spoons or something else to mix the dye in.

I used gel dye because that’s all I saw at the store, instead of the liquid drop kind. Must be old-fashion now, I don’t know.

But it worked just fine! I put a good squeeze into the bowl with the whipped cream and it mixed just fine! You can use more or less to make it a certain shade, or mix dyes to make your own colors.

We just kept it simple, and I only used three because honestly, I didn’t know how the girls would do and didn’t want to create too much waste if they hated it.

But the second I put everything down on the floor, they dove right in!

I laid a cardboard box on the kitchen floor just to be safe. They barely even got any on the box!

Clean up was a breeze as well—their hands were messy of course, but they ate a majority of the whipped cream, and what was left washed off wish soap and water without barely any scrubbing. No stains!

Notice the one missing, I had to taste-test the first one 😉 Just to make sure they were cooked all the way, ya know 😉

This is definitely our favorite egg-coloring process, we all had fun! Mom didn’t have much to clean up, and the girls had a great time getting edible-y messy 😝

Happy egg decorating, y’all!

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