How To Remove Pen From Walls!

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It works for crayons, too!


Hey guys!

Hope your weekend is going well so far!

It’s pretty quiet here today, Mikinley is having her first sleepover with her friend from school, who lives in the same apartment complex. How convenient!

I was SO worried about her changing schools in the middle of a school year. I never went through that experience, so it always scared me. Trying to make friends in a brand new place has got to be tough!

But Mikinley did just fine. She came home the second day of school asking for her little friend to come over.

I was ecstatic!

My baby was making friends already 😊

They’ve had a couple other play dates since then, and we’ve found they are both SO creative.

They LOVE to draw, color, create stories, and even….

Draw on the walls.


Mikinley KNOWS this is a no-no. She did it quite a bit at our old house—in her “office” she wrote her name on the wall a few times, on the trim, and even on the floor.

I guess she just likes to mark her territory 😉

So after a play date, I was cleaning up and happened to see a spot on the door. Looking closer, I saw they had both written their names—Mikinley now goes by the name “Melly” for some reason LOL

We had a talk with her, letting her know that we are in an apartment now, not a house, so we can’t be marking our territory like we did at the house.

She understood, so here’s hoping she doesn’t do it again!

Regardless, I was pretty nervous about getting the pen off the door.

Before, we had extra paint and just painted over the mess. No biggie.

Now what was I going to do?

Of course, I jump on Pinterest to see what I can find.

Somehow, I got lucky on my first try!

I text my husband and asked him to pick up some hairspray on his way home.

We gave it a try and were so amazed at how quickly this trick worked!

All you have to do is spray the area, approximately two inches or so from the wall/door, and you can literally watch the ink drip down. Just have a rag handy to wipe it up.

I barely even had to scrub!

As you can see in the picture above, Audii’s name was a little darker, so I had to wipe that a few times, but the rest came off so easily.

I don’t often use hairspray anymore, but when I do, I love to use the Aussie brand, because I LOVE the smell and it’s not sticky at all. That’s hard to find with hair products! However, my husband just grabbed the cheapest hairspray he could find while he was at the store. No problem, it still worked!

This also worked on permenant marker, just so you know!

I have yet to try this trick with crayons—I hope I don’t have to, but knowing my kids, it’s gonna happen.

What cleaning tricks do you have using household items? I love learning new cleaning tips and hacks, especially if it involves things I (usually) already have in the house. Leave a comment with your favorites!

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