When Did The World Become So Sensitive

I recently saw a post on the Mommyish Facebook page, that honestly annoyed the hell out of me.

And I see similar posts almost daily, about how offended people are by something.

The article on Mommyish’s website states that a teacher printed off bathroom passes for her class. This is what they looked like:


If I were to look at this without reading the original article, I wouldn’t think a thing of it. Looks like a regular bathroom pass to me.

But then again, I went to a school where we just got permission to go, no passes were needed. So maybe I’m not in a position to judge. But I was once a high school student and I have used the restroom plenty of times, so I think that’s enough experience to give an opinion.

Apparently this is extremely offensive because of the recent transgender issues that have surfaced over the past few years.

This post is not to give my opinion on the transgender topic itself, but on the sensitivity of the world lately.


These bathroom passes do not say “No transgender students allowed” or “If you don’t know, don’t go.”

It says “Don’t get confused.”

That simply means pick one bathroom or the other.

Now if you do a bit of research, you will find that the teacher meant no harm by this.

If these are the same passes that were used for years, why are they just not offending people? Why are people just now outraged and want the teacher fired for “being a bully.”

If you’ve got to high school, private or public, I’m sure you know what sometimes takes place in bathrooms. I’ve heard many tales from when I was in school, and I hear horror stories from my mother, who works at a high school.

I feel that Mrs. Cravey was attempting to be witty, but forceful at the same time. She wants the best for students, and does not want her students going into the wrong bathroom and being inappropriate.

Why are kids and parents so offended now?

Human biology is the same as it always has been, but the world has to change it’s tone and watch what is said so people don’t get their feelings hurt?

I don’t mean to sound rude, but grow up.

Both parents and kids.

What kids do understand in school is that in the real, adult world, there are many mean and nasty things that can and will be said. Or watched, or read, or experienced.

You can run straight to Facebook and Twitter and whine your poor little heart out, but where does that get you? Maybe it’ll get a teacher fired though she meant no harm. Maybe it’ll get a few people to feel sorry for you. But is that considered a success?

I think not.

How are schools supposed to keep up with the ever-changing sensitivities in today’s society? It’s impossible. There will always be some group that feels hurt or left out and throws a fit about it.

I completely agree with equal rights for all–but when new groups and societies and minorities are created out of thin air, you can’t expect the world to completely change it’s ways–or in this case, change it’s bathroom passes.

When I was in school, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone offended over something so minor. But I know it’s not a generational thing, because it’s my age group, younger, older, all ages. Something clicked over the last few years (Hillary? lol jk, but not really) that turned everyone into a bunch of pansies. Maybe someone came out with a new brand of undies that were super easy to bunch. Who knows.

I guess the purpose of my rant is to point out how easily offended we have become, and how easily it is to get in trouble for something you didn’t intend. Honestly, it’s tough to live in a world where you have to watch what you say on Facebook or you will get torn apart by all two billion different activist groups.

Check out the article from Mommyish and let me know what you think. Is this a sign of over-sensitivity, or were they right in making a big deal out of it? A penny for your thoughts!

Finding Your Discipline Style

Gosh, what a busy weekend!

Much of Saturday was spent on the road—we went out to lunch before heading to Dyer, then realized there was a time change where we were headed, so we drove around downtown Indianapolis for an hour to stall.

Dyer was great, though! It’s always nice to see family, and we celebrated my husband’s GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S 101st birthday!

It’s so amazing that my girls still have a great-great grandparent. That’s nearly unheard of!

While there, we had a second birthday party for another family member, this one was a surprise.

So needless to say, there was lots of food, beer, toys, kids running around.

As our kids were running around, playing with their cousins, my husband and I realized how well they were behaving. This was the first time we’ve been to any sort of event without having to get up every two seconds, or reside to following them around to make sure they’re not terrorizing some other kid, or stealing someone’s food.

It was a breath of fresh air being able to actually relax and let them play without having to get up and be the bad guy. I know I’m not the only one who has gone through this!

So when your child misbehaves on a consistent basis, what’s the best way to administer discipline?

Well, as you may be aware, there is a wide range of thought on this subject. One school of thought teaches essentially hand’s off, and says, the little darlings are very intelligent, so let them figure it all out on their own. No punishment or reward systems. Still another extreme says that the Singapore model of “caning” people for littering is a good one.

Most of us find ourselves in between these two extreme positions.

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The fact is that anyone who actually watches children behave – without preset mental filters – will almost certainly come to the conclusion that different children respond differently. Some kids could care less about spankings. It’s like they don’t even feel it at all. Or if you use a reward system, it doesn’t phase them—they could do with or without whatever you’re offering.

So how do you find out what method of discipline will work for your kid(s)?

In a word: experiment! Here are six ideas for proceeding.

#1 – Put on your “scientist hat.”

Research what’s out there. No author knows your kid better than you do. But many researchers have seen thousands of kids and had opportunities to try various strategies with kids and their families. So knowing what’s been done before is a very good strategy in and of itself.

#2 – Once you have a sense of what is possible, start interacting with your own kid(s).

Bear in mind that we live in societies that are increasingly filled with busybodies who do everything they can to blur the lines between discipline and abuse. So be careful as you try different discipline ideas.

Important note: as you try these ideas, it is critically important that you (a) remember your main goal: raising good, intelligent humans that are no a-holes. If this isn’t your main goal, well, shoot. Not sure why you’re reading this, then. And (b) be patient. This is as much an experiment for them as it is for you. They’ve never been where they are right now. It’s their first time being a kid at the age they are. And remember, you’re not dealing with lab rats here. You’re dealing with *your* children. Never lose sight of that.

Super Bestest Grandparent

#3 – When you find something that seems to work, don’t think you can finally relax.

Sorry, Charlie.

Don’t confuse short term hits to the bull’s-eye with long term success. Your child may be responding to novelty as much as to the discipline. When the novelty wears off – and it will – your child may very well revert to the old behaviors that you tried to change. Novelty has a tough time lasting more than a few weeks. So give things at least three to six weeks to see if the changes are enduring.

#4 – Tweak before you make major changes in your efforts.

For example, suppose you are rewarding your kid(s) with pizza at the end of the week if certain things are done right. And suppose you have reason to believe they are responding to novelty rather than the measures themselves. Rather than junking the measures, tweak them a bit to determine if your suspicion is valid. For example, you might vary the food rewards and say, “Look – if you do the right things, you get to pick what we have for Friday dinner.” You might be on the right track and tweaking gives you a chance to really find out.

#5 – If tweaking doesn’t work, then by all means try new approaches, keeping in mind all of the above.
#6 – Finally, be humble enough to know that you might need professional family help in the form of therapists and other counselor types.

This does NOT mean you are a bad parent, or that you have bad kids.

However, you’ve got to be careful here because these professionals vary widely in terms of competence and also in terms of appropriateness for your family. For example, some therapists suggest Ritalin as the first line of therapeutic intervention if the child is having trouble in school. You have a right to be skeptical in such situations. Listen to your own inner voice here. No matter how well-intentioned, many therapists simply get things wrong. If the one you’ve initially selected isn’t right for your child or your family, try another.

Note: there are professional organizations that can help you find a decent therapist if there is a need. America and many other nations are rich in resources to help families. Look to them if your problems grow too intense for you to handle on your own.

One last little bit–use common sense.

Sounds strange perhaps, but the fact is that no matter what professional help you may seek out, no matter what books you read, and no matter what online forums you participate in – YOU will be making the decisions. You are responsible, like it or not. Use the best intelligence you can and proceed with caution.



The One Meal Prep Tool You Need

I swear I’m constantly looking up new meal prep ideas.

Something that I can make on Meal Prep Monday (or usually Sunday for me) and not have to cook lunch, sometimes dinner for the rest of the week.

I find all these delicious but pretty extensive recipes. Like, more like 4 ingredients.

I’ll pass.

The one meal I always come back to:

Chicken and broccoli.

I have been given plenty of strange looks when I tell people that’s what I eat for lunch EVERY DAY. But my husband has instilled in me something that makes total sense:

Eat for performance, not pleasure.

Though it sounds more for athletes, who wouldn’t want to look like they are as fit as a professional athlete? I’d love to!

Every once in a while, I’ll try a different prep, but this is always the easiest. And somehow I do not get tired of it!

I’ve made some changes over time, such as adding shredded cheese, as well as bacon-flavored ranch (OMG, yum!)

I’ve always tried a few different ways to cook the chicken. Boiled, baked, grilled.

My absolute favorite:

Grilled on my George Foreman.

It’s so funny, because all of my favorite kitchen utensils and equipment have been either birthday or Valentine’s Day gifts from my husband. We don’t do romantic gifts—he knows a new dining set or crock pot gets me excited 😝

It’s so, so simple to cook chicken this way.

Just trim the fat off and throw the chicken pieces on.

I don’t even season the meat.

The grill helps bring out the natural flavor of the chicken itself, so there is no need to add anything!

I can have a week’s worth of chicken cooked in approximately five minutes! That’s my favorite part.

Another aspect about these grills that I love is how easy they are to clean. Once the removable plates are cooled down, remove them and scrub. The gunk leftover is so easy to wash off, even if you are lazy and let it for a day or two 😲

Throw the chicken in a meal prep container along with some frozen broccoli and you’re good to go!


I usually have approximately 4 oz. of chicken and 1 serving size of broccoli. Plenty of much-needed protein, plus the many benefits from the broc.

Sometimes I’ll use green beans instead to switch it up, though I don’t add r anch to this mixture, doesn’t taste as great in my opinion.

My George Foreman has helped me stick with my meal plan, which is often the hardest part of losing weight. It can also be used for TONS of other meals! You can make breakfast foods, other lunch recipes, or entire dinner meals with this nifty grill. Grilled cheese, easy peasy!


I’ve always recommended it to friends and love hearing from them how awesome it is to cook on. Let me know if you have one and what you like to make with it—or if you’re new to meal prep and you are excited to try out this technique!

Egg Coloring Fun

We did something fun last night!

Coloring eggs is a tradition we’ve always done, as most other families do at Easter.

However, my kids HATE being messy, so it’s not always pleasant.

This includes playing in the dirt, mud, messy food, you name it.

The second they get dirty, they’re both whining to be cleaned up. How boring! 😝 Though honestly, I don’t mind, it keeps things a little cleaner around the house.

Anyway, coloring eggs is often a messy process, so the past few years have been all about trial and error while I try to make it less messy + more fun.

The first year we did Kool-aid and water. Water spilt, it stained our hands, it wasn’t fun.



Then we tried shaving cream and food coloring. This was a cool idea, but again, my girls didn’t like getting their hands all messy and then I had to worry about Brenna trying to eat the shaving cream.

It wasn’t a good time.

I was at the store looking for egg-dyeing kits, hoping to find a cool idea, but didn’t see anything right away. So I thought we could try shaving cream again—but then after grabbing eggs, I passed the whipped cream.

Whipped cream is just like shaving cream, but so much tastier. Maybe I could give that a try!

Maybe the girls wouldn’t mind being messy if they got to eat the messiness off their hands.

So I took a risk and gave it a shot.

This is all you need, plus bowls and spoons or something else to mix the dye in.

I used gel dye because that’s all I saw at the store, instead of the liquid drop kind. Must be old-fashion now, I don’t know.

But it worked just fine! I put a good squeeze into the bowl with the whipped cream and it mixed just fine! You can use more or less to make it a certain shade, or mix dyes to make your own colors.

We just kept it simple, and I only used three because honestly, I didn’t know how the girls would do and didn’t want to create too much waste if they hated it.

But the second I put everything down on the floor, they dove right in!

I laid a cardboard box on the kitchen floor just to be safe. They barely even got any on the box!

Clean up was a breeze as well—their hands were messy of course, but they ate a majority of the whipped cream, and what was left washed off wish soap and water without barely any scrubbing. No stains!

Notice the one missing, I had to taste-test the first one 😉 Just to make sure they were cooked all the way, ya know 😉

This is definitely our favorite egg-coloring process, we all had fun! Mom didn’t have much to clean up, and the girls had a great time getting edible-y messy 😝

Happy egg decorating, y’all!

Maybe Baby

I’ve been asked a few times if we plan on trying again for our third child.

If you would have asked me right after the miscarriage, I would have said yes.

You would think I would have been hesitant, but I was so determined to have another baby.

I wasn’t scared of it happening again, I was optimistic.

One of the nurses at the hospital chatted with me about her recent loss, and that she was pregnant again after only two months (the doctor recommended three before trying again). It was inspiring to me, that someone else had been given another shot so quickly.

But if you ask me now, I don’t even know how to respond.

Do we want to risk it again? Do we even have the space for another kid, since we’ve moved to an apartment in the city? Even if we did have the space, do I even want another baby?

I look at my two girls and I’m so happy. They drive me absolutely insane sometimes (all the time), but I’m content with them.

Now that we’ve moved and I have access to a gym with daycare, I’m working hard to getting back in shape. Even if I can’t make it to the gym, I still make time to work out at home—I follow this workout plan and I love it. I’ve been doing it on off days. Do I really want to get huge again and start all over?

With an apartment and a mortgage, can we even afford another child?

The more I thought about it, the more doubts I had.

In my mind, if I wasn’t 100% sure, then it’s a no.

I want it to be a yes, but everything is telling me no.

I’m not sure how I will feel in a month, or a couple months or a year. Maybe I’ll catch baby fever again, or maybe I’ll just continue to be happy with my family of four.

It’s funny how your feelings can turn from one extreme to the other.

It’s funny how fitting into a pair of size 5 jeans, which hasn’t happened since high school, can make you change your perspective.

I just want what’s best for me and my family.

So right now, if you ask me if we plan on trying again, I’ll probably just say no.

Ask me again next year, when I hopefully have abs 😝

Top Five Sites To Find Cute (But Affordable!) Workout Clothes

*This post contains affiliate links*

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s week is going great. We’re halfway through it already!

It’s spring break here, and my mom surprised us with a visit! She stayed the last two days and we had a blast. It was rainy so our outdoor plans fell through, but we found things to do in the city (:

Now that she’s gone and the house is (somewhat) quiet again, I’m back to writing!

I wanted to touch on a topic I think a lot of mamas can relate to.

One thing I’m SUPER guilty of is dressing frumpy.

Ask my husband, seriously—I’m the queen of frump.

He says he doesn’t mind, but even if he did, he’s stuck with me anyway 😝

Recently, though, I made a switch from “frumpy” to “activewear.” Whether or not I was working out, I was still always in yoga pants and a cute tank. A little step up from too-big t-shirts and pajama pants, right? Maybe just a little 😝

Honestly though, I feel cuter and a little more motivated to actually move around if I was in active wear.

As many of you already know, I LOVE saving money on anything, especially clothes. Looking cute for less, that’s my definition of fashion.

I see so many cute outfits from Nike, Under Armour, local sports stores, etc. and fall in love, but then see the price tag and nearly poop my pants.

How could anyone pay $60 for ONE SPORTS BRA.


That’s just crazy.

So of course, I’m always on the hunt for affordable work out gear to either lounge in, or actually work out in.

I’ve compiled a list of amazing stores to score some sweet deals on activewear! Save money so you can spend it on other things.

Like pizza.



This amazing website has a ton of cute, very affordable options. Find sports bras for less than $10, leggings for around $15, or complete sets for around $20!




Dresslily Spring New Arrivals: Up to 60% OFF + Free Shipping, Shop Now!


Rose Wholesale

Another great site with amazing prices! You can find complete outfits here as well, plus great deals on leggings, sports bras, and other workout necessities. I love checking out the user-submitted photos at the bottom of the page to get a realistic idea of how they look (:

Easter Day Sale: Up to 60% OFF!

Forever 21

I’ve always loved Forever 21 for their clothes, and I’ve recently discovered their super cute activewear section! There is a large variety of options, whether you’re wanting yoga wear, high support gear, or low impact loungewear, Forever 21 has what you need.



Walmart is my go-to if I need to update something quick, rather than wait for shipping or make a trip to the mall. The brand Avia and Danskin Now offer tons of great tops and bottoms at awesome prices.



Old Navy

I’ve never had much luck with regular clothing at Old Navy, but their activewear is awesome! I’m a sucker for tanks with cute backs and leggings with crazy colors, and you can find both, plus tons of other styles, at Old Navy.


And as a bonus, of course, one of my favorite places to buy ANYTHING…


I swear I’m on Amazon every single day looking for new stuff. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but…uh…:P



I hope you guys can find some awesome deals and get to update your wardrobe for cheap! Just be careful not to become obsessed. It’s very easy to do (;

Let me know what you find!

How To Remove Pen From Walls!

*this post contains affiliate links*



It works for crayons, too!


Hey guys!

Hope your weekend is going well so far!

It’s pretty quiet here today, Mikinley is having her first sleepover with her friend from school, who lives in the same apartment complex. How convenient!

I was SO worried about her changing schools in the middle of a school year. I never went through that experience, so it always scared me. Trying to make friends in a brand new place has got to be tough!

But Mikinley did just fine. She came home the second day of school asking for her little friend to come over.

I was ecstatic!

My baby was making friends already 😊

They’ve had a couple other play dates since then, and we’ve found they are both SO creative.

They LOVE to draw, color, create stories, and even….

Draw on the walls.


Mikinley KNOWS this is a no-no. She did it quite a bit at our old house—in her “office” she wrote her name on the wall a few times, on the trim, and even on the floor.

I guess she just likes to mark her territory 😉

So after a play date, I was cleaning up and happened to see a spot on the door. Looking closer, I saw they had both written their names—Mikinley now goes by the name “Melly” for some reason LOL

We had a talk with her, letting her know that we are in an apartment now, not a house, so we can’t be marking our territory like we did at the house.

She understood, so here’s hoping she doesn’t do it again!

Regardless, I was pretty nervous about getting the pen off the door.

Before, we had extra paint and just painted over the mess. No biggie.

Now what was I going to do?

Of course, I jump on Pinterest to see what I can find.

Somehow, I got lucky on my first try!

I text my husband and asked him to pick up some hairspray on his way home.

We gave it a try and were so amazed at how quickly this trick worked!

All you have to do is spray the area, approximately two inches or so from the wall/door, and you can literally watch the ink drip down. Just have a rag handy to wipe it up.

I barely even had to scrub!

As you can see in the picture above, Audii’s name was a little darker, so I had to wipe that a few times, but the rest came off so easily.

I don’t often use hairspray anymore, but when I do, I love to use the Aussie brand, because I LOVE the smell and it’s not sticky at all. That’s hard to find with hair products! However, my husband just grabbed the cheapest hairspray he could find while he was at the store. No problem, it still worked!

This also worked on permenant marker, just so you know!

I have yet to try this trick with crayons—I hope I don’t have to, but knowing my kids, it’s gonna happen.

What cleaning tricks do you have using household items? I love learning new cleaning tips and hacks, especially if it involves things I (usually) already have in the house. Leave a comment with your favorites!