10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I can’t swim.

I used to be able to. I used to be a really good swimmer, actually. I could dive well, do flips in the water, handstands, breaststroke, and a few other things I don’t even know the names of. I just did ‘em. I used to go over to my cousin’s house and swim ALL the time. And the beach, and water parks or hotel pools on vacation.

I think there was a year I took off swimming—not on purpose, I just didn’t get around to it. I believe it was when I was pregnant with Mikinley. I was self-conscious, didn’t want to put on a swim suit looking like a beached whale, so I just didn’t swim.

Somehow I lost my ability to swim, and gained anxiety.

The last time I went to the beach, thinking I could swim, I ended up having an anxiety attack because I couldn’t touch the ground. It was so weird! And embarrassing.

About a year ago, we went to a mud run in Michigan, and I was unaware that there was a bit of swimming (or at least falling into deep water) involved. I felt pretty humiliated when I fell in the water and Derrick had to pull me up cause I literally just sank. I had to skip the rest of the obstacles involving water. I felt like a loser!

We just joined a gym with a 3-foot pool, so I’m hoping to get in there soon and re-learn the basics and hopefully kick this anxiety. Wish me luck!


  1. I’m super cheap.

I think a lot of people know this already, but hey! My husband (usually) loves this about me. I save A TON of money by being a cheapskate.

Yesterday I ran to Walgreens to get Diet Pepsi (only buy it when it’s three for $10, or less), and figured I’d grab a few things for our new apartment as well. Needed batteries, clothes hangers, and shower curtain liner. I about pooped my pants when I saw the prices! I looked and looked for generic brands, but they were nonexistent. $9 for a shower liner, $6 for four AAA batteries, $5 for eight clothes hangers. I bought the pop, got in my car, and put Dollar Tree in my gps. It was 15 minutes away, a little more than I’d like to drive for just a few things, but I was NOT paying that much for a piece of plastic that I can find for $1 elsewhere!

I’m like this with EVERYTHING.

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  1. I learned the alphabet in French when I was four.

Thanks, Barney.


  1. I’m a sucker for Rome/Greek/Mythology shows and movies.

The shows Rome and Spartacus are in my top ten favorite shows. I love learning about gods and goddesses and their lore. I’ve always found this stuff so interesting!


  1. I love pizza.

With a passion.


  1. I love anything zombie.

My sister and I grew up watching zombie movies (thanks, Mom). I don’t think they ever really scared us. We loved that kinda stuff ever since I can remember. To this day, my favorite show is The Walking Dead and I love reaching the graphic novels.

I also have a Zombie Outbreak Response Team decal on my car. I always wonder what the other parents think when they see it in the school pick-up line.


  1. Gatlinburg is my soul city.

We were married there. It was the first time I had seen the mountains. We were chased by bears. It’s my favorite.


  1. If wrestling is on, I’ll watch it.

A good friend of mine and I found a local channel with a very cheesy, low budget wrestling show back in 2006 or so. It was so hilarious, we decided to watch WWE. It was also hilarious, and had a much larger budget. So we decided to play the games on PS2. We slowly became obsessed, though I don’t think we’d ever admit it. I mean obviously it’s fake, but it’s just so easy to get into it!

Now that we live in Indy, I’m itching to go to a WWE live event. Judge me (:


  1. I’m NOT a sports person.

I played soccer for 10 years, but ended up quitting before Sophomore year due to drama. Wasn’t worth it anymore. Now, I couldn’t tell ya when football season is, or baseball, or how to play them. But if somehow, some way I end up watching a game, I’ll get pretty into it. With the exception of wrestling though, I skip past any sports on the boob tube.


  1. I’m left-handed.

But I cannot do a damn thing besides write with it. Everything else I do right-handed.


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