My Adventures in Minimalism–Part Three: Space

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First of all, hi! We finally have internet!

When I called to get internet for the new apartment (a few days before the move), I figured it’d be ready to go as soon as we moved in.

But we received a call THREE DAYS after moving in, saying they did not get an apartment number (though I’m 100% sure I get it to them, multiple times). Once I got them that info, it took another two days for a tech to come out to set it all up. Ugh! I hate not being connected to the world.

But I guess that gave us (me, really) more time to unpack and rearrange and get things settled.

Like I discussed in a recent article, we’ve slowly eased our way into minimalism. Or at least minimizing. So we were able to move in one day and get unpacked and set up in about a day and a half! We’ve moved quite a bit over the last seven years, and this was the smoothest, by far!

Something I did not consider about minimalism is that it’s not just about having fewer things, but it also involves using your space efficiently. You can keep the same amount of stuff, but you gotta figure out a smart way to store them.

The funny and depressing thing about moving is once you’re settled in, you realize everything you’ve lost, broken, or got rid of in the process.

My can opener broke, a box of bathroom supplies (soaps, lotions, etc.) went missing, mostly just little things. But one big item we pitched in the minimizing process was our large entertainment center. We ended up going with a small, simple one instead.

What I didn’t realize was that all of our DVDs and video games were stored in this. The new TV stand we have really has no storage, it’s more of a decoration piece. We have a decent sized collection of movies, so I was a little concerned about where to store them.

Not a TON, but enough to need some form of storage.

Check out what I did, yo!

This was just a smaller stack of movies, of course, but look at how small it became!

While I was trying to figure out what on earth to do with all movies, I came to the conclusion that we don’t NEED the case. It’s nice to see the title, but that’s usually on the disc anyway, and it’s not like we read the back or look at the artwork inside the case.

I grabbed a set of disc sleeves from Amazon–it took about 15-20 minutes or so (with a few distractions from Brenna) to get them all converted. I thought about writing the titles on the sleeves as well, but figured the kids would probably get into them and end up putting them into the wrong ones, that’d just be another headache. No thanks!






So once I had them converted, I wanted a cute basket or bin to put them in.

I found these little cuties on Amazon as well. If you haven’t noticed, I buy A LOT of goodies on Amazon, and it’s usually free! You can earn Amazon gift cards too, check out my recent money-earning post for the deets.

They worked perfect!

I used almost all 100 disc sleeves and they all fit in the longer bin, with plenty of space for more. I used the smaller ones for games, which I did keep in the cases because I’m a big nerd and like to keep the booklets and extras. Plus resale value is always better with the case. Gotta make that money!

I’ve made a few other changes as well, to other areas in the house.

I put the girls’ toy box inside on of their closets, and the basket of dress-up clothes in the other. They have tons of more space to play without being crowded.

Dirty laundry hampers are now off the floor and hanging on the backs of doors–check these out. Much more attractive, in my opinion, than a basket of dirty clothes on the floor.

Little changes like this can really clear up your space and not only make your home look more spacious, but it feels much less hectic. Cleaning is so much easier when storage is simplified. Lord knows we all need a little less stress.

How do you save space in your home? I’d love to hear more ideas and maybe implement them here!


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