My Adventures in Minimalism — Part One

The last seven years have kind of been a cluster f*ck. By that, I mean we have a huge freakin cluster of crap.

We realized we had a hard time saying no. “Do you need this?” “Sure.” “I’m getting rid of this, do you want it?” “Sure.”


Two years ago we bought a house and FINALLY had enough stuff for our crap, yet we still continued to take in more stuff. I was able to contain it so the house was tidy(ish) and we didn’t look like hoarders, but it always haunted the back of my mind.

Two months ago, my husband received a job offer after graduating college.

In Indianapolis.

There’s no way we could buy a house (in a good neighborhood with good schools and low crime rate) in Indy. So we’ve been looking at apartments.

For a little while, the thought of going from a decent size home to a small apartment in Indianapolis made me want to cry and puke at the same time. It was so overwhelming trying to think of what the hell we were gonna do with ALL OUR STUFF.

Browsing through “organization tips” on Pinterest, the word “minimalism” caught my attention.

After reading a few articles, I asked myself again, “What am I going to do with all this stuff?”



Bag it up. Trash it. Donate it. Sell what’s sellable. But get it GONE.

I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share. There are 30 Day Minimalism Challenges, Decluttering Challenges, all kinds of different ways to make your life and home a little more simple.

Here is a 30 Day Challenge from Culture Trip.

And a decluttering schedule from

And here’s an awesome list of 60 things to toss from Magnolia Moon.

Since we will be moving soon, I’ve already got a head start on a few things, but I wanted to start a minimalism series here that way I can keep myself accountable to sticking to SIMPLE.

Part 2 will consist of toy rotation, God willing my kids will let me touch their toys!



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