Funny Mikinley Moment

Don’t let that innocent face fool you.

Nah, just kidding. This girl has the sweetest soul I could ever dream of, and she wears her heart on her sleeve like her mama and Gigi. She’s a good egg.

Almost every night, before our bedtime routine, we hang out in the living room to wind down. This is when I usually let the girls play on phones/tablet quietly, look at books, independent play, anything quiet.

It’s funny, when the hubz is “in charge” of winding down time, it’s the complete opposite–jumping on the bed, snacks, playing tag, you know the drill.

Anyway, last night I started watching a new show on Netflix called Beastmaster. I’m a sucker for those obstacle course shows, like American Ninja Warrior and MXC (please tell me someone else has watched this? It’s hilarious!).

With these kinds of shows, it’s VERY easy to get into it. The contestants are very intense and strong, and even if they were on a different country’s team, you find yourself cheering for them!

Mikinley was looking at playhouses on Pinterest at the time(she loves creating a dream list for herself) but occasionally she’d look up to watch the show. After about ten minutes, she had dropped the phone completely and was jumping up and down, cheering along with me.

There was one competitor in particular, I couldn’t tell ya his name if my life depended on it, that was doing really well. Kinley and I were on the edge of our seats watching, thinking he’d be the first to complete the obstacle course.

Unfortunately, he made it VERY close to the end but slipped and fell into the water. We were in shock! Then Mikinley spoke up.

“OH NO!!! Mom, can I say dammit?”

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it! Like I said before, she is the SWEETEST soul, so hearing her say that just killed me.

She knows about bad words, of course, and not to say them, and she never does, not even by accident. She’s not exposed to extreme cursing, the occasional slip-up sure, but even that is rare. It’s just one of those things. And it’s freakin hilarious.

I told her no, she cannot say that, but she could say “darn it” instead, or “rats” or “poopy,” or make up her own word.

In a way, I was actually kind of intrigued that she was so emotionally invested in something. The fact that she ASKED me for permission was a proud mom moment 😛

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