Confession: Yes, My Child Plays On My Phone

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At first it was something I felt guilty about.

When I was a kid, there were no smart phones–cell phones were still new, the size of bricks, and the only game (if any) was Pong.

We played with dolls and rocks and grew up just fine.

My girls both do this too. They spend plenty of time having good old-fashion fun without electronic. But I still let them play on my phone and tablet.

I no longer feel guilty about this because today I realized something.

I walked into the living room after doing dishes and Brenna was dancing around and singing the alphabet. ALL BY HERSELF.

For anyone who knows Brenna, this is incredible! She barely speaks, and if she does, it’s just a word or two, then gibberish.

When Mikinley was that age, she was speaking full sentences and was potty trained and could damn near write the alphabet. She’s was SO easy to teach.

I have tried working with Brenna on numbers, letters, everything we did with Mikinley but she wouldn’t have it. She just wanted interested.

But thanks to Youtube Kids, we’ve found what works for her.

I didn’t realize how different children can be, especially when it comes to learning. Apparently, Brenna is more of a self-taught, learn-on-your-own gal. All those silly alphabet videos with Play-doh and songs about counting gumballs are actually doing her brain good.

I still limit screen time, of course, but I’m not ashamed to say my two-year-old watches Youtube videos.

90% of the time they are educational. The rest of the time she’s watching those freakin’ surprise egg videos.

Regardless, I’m pretty thankful for Youtube Kids for teaching my unteachable daughter.

2 thoughts on “Confession: Yes, My Child Plays On My Phone

  1. Sam says:

    Totally spot on sis! Eres learned her colors so fast after we let her watch youtube kids. Best kiddy friendly site to let your kid explore on their own n not worry about getting to the “weird” side of regular youtube ha

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