Not long ago my sister shared a funny video with me on Facebook. A very relatable mom showed us that even though life is hectic, you can get pictures printed via Chatbooks.

Not long after, they came out with another video, explaining (in a freakin hilarious way) how important it is for Mom to be in a photo as well.

Could be a selfie. Could be with the kids. Could be a Go-Pro pic from the top of Mount Everest. Either way, it needs to be done.

Whilst cracking up at the video, I started to think. This is SO true. I’m in, like, ZERO pictures.

I constantly take photos of the kids, my husband, hell even my food.

But not me.

I’m always so concerned with how I look in a photo. Ask my husband, I will attack if he tries to post an unflattering photo of me.

But it’s time to change that. This life needs to be recorded, dammit, double chin and all.

Something that really hit my heart was thinking of those I know who do not have their mothers around anymore. What is it they hang on to to help them remember and feel close?


If something were to happen to me, my kids wouldn’t have anything. I can’t have that!

So today I took a selfie. Well, I took a bunch and kept the best—I’ll still be a little picky, okay.

Then I took a few with my girls. And I will do the same tomorrow. My goal is to get a least one photo a day for a month.

I think that’s enough to get me on the right track. And I feel like it will change how I feel about photos. Not as in conceited, but in a way that helps me feel a little more confident, as well as care-free.

I’m hoping it’ll help me cringe a little less when I see a photo of myself tagged on Facebook. That is my goal and I hope others will join along!

Chatbooks has coined the phrase #getinthephoto, so get to it!

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