How I Earn $160+ a Month Online (During Nap Time!)

The last few years have been pretty rough.

I was a college student, my husband was a college student, and we had two kids in a period of five and a half years.

Trying to keep up with bills was insane. I know most of us have had rough patches, but seven years of nonstop rough really takes a toll.

As a mom, I just want the best for my kids, and by best, I mean as long as they’re fed and have a roof over their heads then I’m happy!

When you’re desperate to care for your family, you may start to look for other ways to bring in some dough.

Don’t start hookin’ yet, mama, let me help!


I’ve found a few different ways to bring in approximately $150 a month while sitting on my tush. This is all usually done while my youngest is napping. Or you can do it on your lunch break, smoke break, bus to work, whenever you’ve got some free time.

Here is my list of faves that have helped get me out of a bind on multiple occasions.

1. InstaGC ($105/month)

When I first signed up for this site, I was SO lost. I had read a few How-To’s, but nothing ever made me enough to continue. Then a year or so later, when we REALLY needed a few extra bucks, I looked into it again. InstaGC is a great way to earn “points” that you can cash out for gift cards to almost anywhere, or you can simply direct deposit, send to Paypal, or issue an eCheck. Sign up here!

Let me give you a few tips on how to make the most out of InstaGC:

• When you’re signed up and confirmed your email, go straight to Earn -> Recommended. Then click InstaGC, it’s the first option there.
• In the Sort-by drop down, go to Most Completed. This will bring up the most popular and lucrative surveys.
• I do Live Sample l and ll each day, as well as two of the Your Surveys. These pay $1.05 and $.70 and are pretty easy to qualify for.
• Watch the Ticker (on the desktop version, you’ll see this on the right side—on the mobile version, you’ll have to click “Ticker” in the menu. This will show you in real time how other people are earning points. You’ll see some super easy ones like “Pillsbury Newsletter” or another newsletter that rewards you just for signing up. I recommend using a spare/junk email for this.
• Also watch the chat, there will occasionally be Point Booster codes, and other members are very helpful in recommending great offers or surveys.

Go here to get started!

2. Quick Thoughts ($40/month)
This app is fairly new to me, but has been awesome so far. It’s about as easy as you can get. First, it’s an actual app so it’s very easy and user-friendly.

The surveys on Quick Thoughts seem to be VERY fast, I’ve never spent over five minutes on one. The payouts range between $.40 to $2.00 from what I’ve seen so far.

The only payout option is via Amazon gift card, but if you’re like me, you live off of Amazon anyway. You can also only get $10 at a time, but I make $10 a week through Quick Thoughts so I just cash out every weekend and it’s a nice little extra.

3. S’more ($4/month)

This seems like a small monthly amount, but get this.


S’more is a lockscreen app. All you have to do is download here, and that’s it.

You’ll see an ad on your lock screen, but just swipe once and it’s done. You earn $.10 a day with this one. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you need the extra monies, every penny helps.
S’more also offers surveys to do, but these are often hit or miss. I haven’t had much luck with the surveys, but I do get one or two a month to get some extra points.

4. Fronto ($5/month)

Fronto is another lockscreen app, but there are a few other opportunities here, as well.
On your lockscreen, sometimes you’ll see an ad for a website, or maybe a game. It will tell you on the left-hand side how many points you’ll get if you download the game. Simply download, open, then delete it and you’ll still earn the points.

Easy peasy.

Sign up here and use my promo code JCHAM8 to get 1250 points instantly!

5. Ibotta ($10/month)

I love this app! We all shop for groceries, so why not earn a little extra back?

After a shopping trip, scan your receipt and see if any of your items qualify for cash back. I always search “Any” to see what it offers—this could be any brand bananas, any brand apples, etc. Most of the products are name brand, which I don’t buy a whole lot of, so the “any” items are my fave.

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Keep a look out for the Bonuses. Sometimes they’ll have awesome ones such as “Redeem 5 deals in March” and you get an extra $5. They also have team bonuses too, if everyone in your team redeems a certain amount.

You can redeem your cash back via gift cards to Amazon, Target, etc. or Paypal, $20 to $25 at a time, depending on your choice of gift card.

Check it out and sign up here to get a bonus for joining!


I hope this has helped someone else, because let me tell ya, there have been times we wouldn’t have made it through the week without a few extra bucks made here. Doing a few surveys on my lunch break paid for a Walmart gift card so that I can make it home from work that day.
If you have any other sites or apps that you use, let me know!


Not long ago my sister shared a funny video with me on Facebook. A very relatable mom showed us that even though life is hectic, you can get pictures printed via Chatbooks.

Not long after, they came out with another video, explaining (in a freakin hilarious way) how important it is for Mom to be in a photo as well.

Could be a selfie. Could be with the kids. Could be a Go-Pro pic from the top of Mount Everest. Either way, it needs to be done.

Whilst cracking up at the video, I started to think. This is SO true. I’m in, like, ZERO pictures.

I constantly take photos of the kids, my husband, hell even my food.

But not me.

I’m always so concerned with how I look in a photo. Ask my husband, I will attack if he tries to post an unflattering photo of me.

But it’s time to change that. This life needs to be recorded, dammit, double chin and all.

Something that really hit my heart was thinking of those I know who do not have their mothers around anymore. What is it they hang on to to help them remember and feel close?


If something were to happen to me, my kids wouldn’t have anything. I can’t have that!

So today I took a selfie. Well, I took a bunch and kept the best—I’ll still be a little picky, okay.

Then I took a few with my girls. And I will do the same tomorrow. My goal is to get a least one photo a day for a month.

I think that’s enough to get me on the right track. And I feel like it will change how I feel about photos. Not as in conceited, but in a way that helps me feel a little more confident, as well as care-free.

I’m hoping it’ll help me cringe a little less when I see a photo of myself tagged on Facebook. That is my goal and I hope others will join along!

Chatbooks has coined the phrase #getinthephoto, so get to it!

Funny Mikinley Tidbit

So as many of my friends and family know, we had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. It’s been a difficult time for us, but we’ve had a great support system behind us.

I had my post-surgery check-up last week and the doc ordered a blood test. I took both girls with me to the hospital so I could get that done today, thinking it’d be a quick, easy process.

Easy, my ass!

I ended up chasing Brenna up and down the halls, and Mikinley was asking a million questions about every single utensil in the room, which I know nothing about.

Anyway, we start the process of taking blood, and Kin starts to get a little squirmy. The nurse asked if she was scared. Kin said no. Then the nurse asked if she had seen a needle like that before.

Mikinley’s response? “Yeah, Santa had a needle in his arm.”

We both looked at each other with a “what the hell kind of Santa was that??” look on our faces.

Then Mikinley proceeded to tell us it was at the school, during a blood drive.

Whew. Scared me for a sec. It’s like I forgot I was there to get blood drawn. I think I’ve been watching too much Shameless.

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What Nobody Told Me About Being A SAHM

*This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. See our disclosure policy for more details.*


I’ve always worked. Like, always. When I turned 14, I got my first job at the local video store my mom worked at. I made HALF of minimum wage (which was $5 at the time!) because I shared a shift with the owner’s daughter, also 14. It wasn’t much but I was the richest 14 year old in school!

I worked there, as well as got a fast food job at 16, until I graduated high school. Not until we had our first child did I take time off working. This lasted about six months, and I went crazy. I was also a full time (online) college student, so being home with a newborn, whilst trying to do homework, and a husband who worked third shift drove me nuts. I needed to work, so I jumped back onto the working mom wagon. Any mom who works knows that work is actually kind of a vacation.

Fast forward a few years and a few thousand coffees, we now have two children and I’m back to being a stay at home mom. This time is a little different, though. I’ve learned a lot through my adventures in momhood, and I’ve learned to find the joy in this lifestyle.

Besides the typical “you’ll be tired” and “sleep when the kids sleep” (does anyone actually do this??), there are a few things I never knew about being a stay at home mama.


  1. It gets easier.

It really does. I’m not sure how, or why, but it does.

The first month I was home with our girls, I barely made it through the week. It was chaos, I was easily flustered, and I felt like a bad mom. We’ve all been there, though, being mom life is stressful.

We have so many responsibilities, as if keeping our children alive isn’t enough. It can get hectic.

But as time went on, a month to be precise, I noticed myself changing a bit. I was more patient, I had a bit more energy, I just felt happier altogether.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, give it time. It’s like our super hot mom bods become accustomed to this life. Patience you must have, my young padawan.


  1. Schedule, schedule schedule.

One thing that I didn’t start with was a schedule. After that first stressful, hectic month, we slowly fell into a schedule that worked for us.

Different things will work for different families, of course, but ours is great for us. The girls have adjusted to certain activities at certain times, even with a change occasionally if I find something different works better.

Right now, we’re kind of like this:

7 a.m. Wake up, breakfast, get ready for school.

8 a.m. Take Mikinley to school.

8:15 a.m.-2 p.m. Brenna and I hang out, no strict schedule or routine here. Just go with the flow.

3 p.m. After school snack, go over schoolwork, play time.

5 p.m. Dinner.

6:30 p.m. Mikinley and I have started a 15 day workout challenge, she loves doing it with me!

7:00-7:30 p.m. Lay down in bed, story time, chat.

Then I do my mom things for the night. I usually schedule a half hour to an hour for deep cleaning (focusing on one or two rooms/areas each night), then relax and watch my mommy shows before bed.

As you can see, it’s not a super detailed or strict schedule, it’s just something that’s fallen into place. Take a step back and look at your day, then see what can be changed or removed and go from there. Write it down if you have to! (Check out this planner,  it’s great for daily and monthly plans and goals!)  Mom or not, having a plan for the day makes life so much easier.


  1. No more peaceful poops.

I know I’m not the only one who takes her smartphone into the bathroom when you know you’re gonna be a while. How peaceful is it to play a game or scroll through Facebook while you’re sitting on the john? Very.

But when you have zero minus twenty seconds to get the job done, ha! Let me tell ya. There is either a kid standing there staring at you, or if you locked the door, she’s got her fingers under the door trying to slither in. Or, if you snuck off to the toilet without being seen, you’ll still have to be quick about it because five seconds later, one of the kids is screaming about one thing or another.

I’ve got no advice for you here, just something you’ll have to be prepared for!


  1. It’s okay to dress a mess.

Ask my husband, I’m the queen of frump. That means yoga pants every day, t-shirts, sweatshirts, you name it. I’m definitely not one of those Instagram moms that looks cute 24/7.

It’s all about comfort, amiright? Don’t feel like you need to impress anyone. Your kids don’t care. If you’ve got a significant other, chances are he or she doesn’t care either.

I’ll sometimes wear jeans when I’m running errands, and I’ll throw on my go-to cute outfit if we go out to dinner. But I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about that are more important than dressing my absolute best.


  1. You will be overwhelmed with love.

There is so much love and joy in being home with the kids. Not ALWAYS, trust me, I’ve had plenty of screaming, stomping, “you’re not my mom anymore,” and other various tantrums.

But you’re there for every second of it. Every smile, every poopy diaper, every milestone. Whether it’s a happy, sad, or angry moment with your children, drink it in and appreciate it.


I absolutely love being home with my kids. Even with all the ups and downs, there are so many good things that have come from it. I’ve become a better mom.

If you’re contemplating staying home with the kids and you can afford to, just do it! Remember it does take some time to get used to this lifestyle, so be patient and enjoy your little while they are still little.


Well I did it! I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now. I’ve always loved writing, and Lord knows I could vent for decades, so I went for it.

Over the years, I have acquired tidbits of knowledge regarding marriage, mom life, fitness, a little bit of everything. The purpose of this blog is to share some of this knowledge with the world, whilst throwing in a few funny kid stories occasionally.

No, I am not a feminist. Yes, I will probably offend you at some point. I typically keep swearing to a minimum, but f*ck it, my kids aren’t reading this.

Keep an eye out for posts to come, featuring budget-friendly recipes (is there any other option?), mom-friendly fitness tips, and even some ways I pay the bills while being a stay-at-home-mom.